Sixth Molecular Diagnostics Training School and fifth Digital Pathology & Image Analysis Training School.

The Molecular Diagnostics Training School (MDTS) is aimed at persons who may have little experience with molecular diagnostics but also those who are looking for a refresher course or want updates on novel developments. The training school will introduce you to common concepts which underpin the tests, including the panoply of tests which are currently used in diagnostic practice. We will also discuss the importance of getting good template and of having robust quality assurance for your tests. The school will also cover new methodologies such as digital spatial profiling and it will conclude with an overview of current applied molecular diagnostics in a variety of different organ systems.

The Digital Pathology & Image Analysis Training School (DP&IATS) is aimed at both, Trainee and Consultant Pathologists and non-clinical scientists/computer experts, who may have some experience with digital pathology and platforms, but are looking to deepen their knowledge. Thus, the training school aims at bringing together histopathologists and computational scientists to foster mutual understanding and collaboration. As digital technologies are transforming histopathology diagnosis and research, the training school will outline some of the basic challenges encountered during image analysis and introduce the concepts of stereology and segmentation analysis. In view of the rapid need for integration of image analysis with molecular diagnostics development, we shall explore both the spatial reasoning of imaging and assessment of multiple biomarkers on digital platforms.

Further information: 2024 MDTS DP&IATS Details