4th Annual Meeting of the ÖPPM

Digitalization in Personalized Medicine

The 4th Annual Meeting of the ÖPPM 2020 was guided by the main topic “Digitalization in Personalized Medicine”. For obvious reasons, this conference was held online and we kindly invited you to join us and actively engage in our interactive program. A string of webinars is the backbone featuring international and national keynotes on societal and technological aspects. Moderated discussions following the lectures posed ample opportunity for a digital dialogue and allowed the generation of sustainable ressources for our webpage. With the “ÖPPM Poster Challenge 2020” we invited students in e-health and IT related areas to share insights into relevant aspects of their work in context of Personalized Medicine.

To continue the tradition of a public ÖPPM event part, we published a video series of expert statements with ÖPPM members (language: German) and rolled out our new e-learning tool entitled “Personalisierte Medizin – Medizin der Zukunft?”. This online tool was designed and developed in a collaboration of Open Science – Life Science in Dialogue with the ÖPPM to address particularly high school students, but also other interested parties such as patients or their relatives.

Virtual Agenda:

Contact us at: office[at]personalized-medicine.at

Best regards,
Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch,
President of the ÖPPM
The ÖPPM is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. The ÖPPM is soley responsible for the content design of the conference.