ÖPPM Poster Challenge

The ÖPPM is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 ÖPPM poster challenge in the field of

  • Digitalization in health sciences and
  • Personalized Medicine

The anonymised posters were chosen from board members.

1st Place

Lilli Hoffmann, MSc. 
Another step towards personalized medicine: A multi-analyte approach for improved sensitivity of liquid biopsies in prostate cancer

2nd Place

Stefanie Jauk, MSc.
The Personalised Risk Tool: Automatic Risk Prediction Using Machine Learning

3rd Place ex aequo

Nicole Feldbacher, BSc.
Selfies To diagnose Sarcopenia: Facial recognition and artificial intelligence as a novel tool to diagnose sarcopenia

3rd Place ex aequo

Tina Moser, MSc.
Real-time measurements of circulating tumor DNA levels during FOLFOX treatment in patients with colorectal cancer

Submissions ranked four to fifteen (not ordered):

Dr. Andrzej Hecker, MSc.
Personalized Plastic Surgery: Preventing Microbe Induced Malfunction of Breast Implants

Bernhard Straubinger, BSc.
Electronic Health Records: Advantages, Privacy Concerns and Growing Patient Responsibility

Barbara Ehall, MSc.
Automated digital quantification of insulin granules using transmission electron micrographs

Samantha O. Perakis, Msc.
Comparison of three commercial decision support platforms for matching of next- generation sequencing results with therapies in patients with cancer

Dr. Sebastian P. Nischwitz
Smart Dressings as Key to A Personalized Wound Treatment 2.0

Dr. Hanna Luze
Thermal imaging for personalized interventions in clinics & research

Jacqueline Lenz, Farah Abbas
Digitalization in clinical trials and study processes

Mag. Katja Sallinger, MSc.
Tracking the trace: Elucidating the source of circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA

Teresa Gerber, PhD
Liquid biopsies in neuroblastoma therapy reponse monitoring and early relapse detection by ctDNA analysis in high-risk patients

Isabel Kächele, B.A.
Development of a Sensor-Based Fall Prevention System for Patients with Dementia