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The Know-Center is one of the leading European research centers for Data-Driven Business and Artificial Intelligence. Since 2001, well-known companies have been supported in using data as a success factor for their business. For data analysis, the Know-Center uses established Big Data as well as High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures.
As an integral part of the European research landscape, the center very successfully handles numerous projects and contract research at EU and national level. The K1 Competence Center, which is funded under COMET, is also the leading training center for data scientists in Austria and also offers a range of al training and consulting services for companies.

Researchers from the Know-Center work on knowledge transfer from areas of artificial intelligence, natural language processing and data management into personalized medicine. Focal points here are: Therapy prediction using machine learning, secure data preparation pipelines and secure data sharing, and analysis of electronic health records.

Persönliche Mitglieder

In my role as a Business Manager Digital Life Science at Know-Center, I am responsible for developing our network within the ÖPPM and their partners. The center conducts applied and interdisciplinary computer science research in the fields of Data-Driven Business, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cognitive Computing. With an interdisciplinary team, consisting of data scientists but also scientists from different disciplines, such as biomedicine, pharmacy or chemistry, we work on many exciting projects, which address both funded research (national and international), as well as industrial projects.

One example is our COMET module "DDAI - Privacy Preserving Data Driven Artificial Intelligence." Within the module, we develop new and secure algorithms and methods to evaluate confidential and sensitive data without compromising privacy and data protection. Personalized medicine in compliance with GDPR, increasing trust in medical artificial intelligence or benefits for pharmaceutical institutions around data sources, are only some ways of AI-powered solutions which have the potential to enhance the healthcare ecosystem massively.

Our work covers all parts of the data processing pipeline and paves the way for secure and trustworthy AI solutions.

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Melanie Mayr
Business Development – Digital Life Sciences
Phone +43-316-873-30883   
Mobil +43-664-2684917

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